It’s Happening!

Flaviu Cacoveanu

Assisted by Mihaela Hudrea

November 28 – December 14 2014

“Today is my birthday. I am turning 25. It’s a magical moment, when everything is aligned in the Universe in such a way that I am granted a few wishes. The birthday magic represents the good vibes and good luck you are given on this day, it is something that can be used all year long.

As an artist I ask myself: Should I keep the wishes and the magic for myself or should I share them with the public? I pose this question from a wider perspective – What is the role of the artist today? Does he or she have the power and, even more, the duty to change the world?
I will offer the visitors 24 of my own wishes, keeping the last, and 25th, to myself; while I will use photography to document each person who makes a wish. I ask myself if photography has the power to hold within invisible forces, not just what is apparent to the human eye and the lens of the camera.

Apart from celebrating my birthday and turning the gallery into a party place; “It’s happening” is a self-reflection on the medium of photography and also on what the role of the artist could be these days.”

Flaviu Cacoveanu (b. 1989) is an emerging artist living and working in Cluj. Using the medium of photography as a core for his practice, he explores themes of identity and utopia, whilst pursuing a quest to find his place in the world.