Drawing reportage, now and here

Alina Andrei (RO), Matthias Beckmann (DE), Alex Bodea (RO), Oliver East (UK), Christine Gedeon (USA/SY), Martin Kohout (CZ), Pia Linz (DE), Feliks Topolski (PL)

November 7 – November 13 2016

Drawing reportage is not a recent practice. It has preceded photojournalism in the 20th century, during which it finally withdrew graciously in shadow, without going into full extinction. Now, that photojournalism generates so many discussions about ethics, enforcement of stereotypes, manipulation, drawing reportage is called to rediscover itself. From the point of view of its means, it is capable of yet unexplored analytical depths. Its subjectivity exempts it from being irrevocably. The reader is aware that what is being revealed is an experience, a perspective and not the truth. Drawing reportage leaves room for alternatives and multiple voices. Drawing reportage is a practice reborn for the present. Here and now.

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The exhibition is part of Temps d’Images Festival
7 – 13 November 2016