Don’t sweat the technique

George Anghelescu / Michele Bressan / Roberta Curcă / Virginia Lupu / Alina Marinescu / Florin Pantilimon / Alexandru Petre / Adrian Preda / Lea Rasovszky / Ștefan Ungureanu

November 18 – December 21 2016

[hr align=”center”]We are in full bloom. Always. We are bodies that orbit each other. This Universe is enormous and we can only sense each other’s presence when proximity makes our magnetic field vibrate. It’s fortunate that it does, sometimes music comes out of this improbable meeting. We know each other, we sometimes collide. We look forward to this pogo in between languages, it makes us feel like we are explorers of some kind, discovering something everyone knows but painting it in totally different colors so that it becomes our own. It’s fluid like that.

Studying art then forgetting everything and actually doing art, filling a room with invisible pressure points, making up a safe space were all our differences can coexist. This is a safe room. Lack of mentorship makes you inventive and, in a way, strangely powerful. We have all started somewhere and kept going until ended up somewhere else. We have this in common. We never sweat the technique, it follows. We like the rawness of it, the brute force behind it, the clashes, the rhythms, the warm ups and the cool downs.

Here’s some soothing souvenirs for all the years

They fought, and sought, the thoughts and ideas

It’s cool when you freak to the beat

But don’t sweat the technique