Digestible Predictions

#LateralArtSpace at #ArtEncounters2017

#EnricFortBallester (ES)
#DragoșBădiță (RO)
#AlexandraGeorgescu (RO)
#LucianIndrei (RO)
#MajeMellin (DE)
#MuLu (RO)
#Musz (RO)
#ElizabethWurst (PE)

30 September – 5 November 2017
Program: 11.00 – 19.00 (Mondays closed)

Location: Former gas station on Calea Circumvalațiunii 2-4, Timișoara

The way we view the world is constantly changing, with many of us living in a “technology-sedating,
consumption-engorging, instant-gratifying bubble”. Information nowadays needs to be #digestible
#visuallyengaging #provocative and most of all #amusing. Will what we love ruin us? And if it doesn’t kill
us, will it make us stronger?

Lateral ArtSpace took over a former gas station in Timișoara, as part of the second edition of Art
Encounters, contemporary art biennial in Romania. The exhibition is co-produced by the ArtEncounters
Foundation, Timișoara and Lateral ArtSpace, Cluj.

Art Encounters 2017 lies at the intersection between an experimental art festival and a contemporary art
biennial, and focuses on Romania’s cultural connections with its geographic neighbours. Entitled Life a
User’s Manual, the central exhibition curated by Ami Barak and Diana Marincu, surveys and compiles
fragments from everyday life (..).

Alongside the main exhibition, Art Encounters 2017 provides a close examination of the Romanian art
scene by inviting a comprehensive selection of independent art organizations that provide critical support
and opportunities for contemporary art in Romania. The biennial seeks to become a dynamic platform to
engender cultural development and debate, both regionally and nationally, in ways that can help sustain
emerging generations of Romanian artists.

The access to the Art Encounters exhibitions and events is free of charge.
Please continue to check the website for possible changes in the program.

Art Encounters 2017