Magellan’s Cabin

Dan Beudean

February 7th – March 1st 2014

April 27, 1521
On this day, our great leader Ferdinand Magellan has died from the savage natives of the island of Mactan. I, one of his most trusted commanders, will continue the account of this important voyage through his valued journal. The Spice Islands seem ever nearer.

And here are the last notes of Magellan himself:

March 6, 1521
After many months of difficulties including starvation and a shortage on supplies, we have reached the island of Guam. My crew and I have gratefully drunk our fill of water at this important stop, as we continue to replenish our severely depleted supplies. Around the island, I have witnessed many sailboats. I welcome this new company unlike our months of solitude and isolation. There have been thieves at this island too, though, stealing our important small boats from the beloved Trinidad. The voyage will go on.

March 16, 1521
We have reached a chain of islands where there is a large population of people. They seem to be at war with one another. We will sail cautiously and carefully through this area as we travel on to the Spice Islands.